Linguistic revision and quality assurance

This service consists of proofreading and editing Croatian texts. I will check your documents for grammar, spelling, style, consistency, and fluency. All corrections and suggestions are made using the “Track Changes” and “Comment” features. As a result, your initial text will be error-free, clear, consistent, complete, and credible.

Most often, though, I am asked to do bilingual linguistic revisions. This means that the original text has been translated into Croatian and needs to be double-checked. The process is more challenging because it involves comparing the translated document with the original and then correcting both language and translation errors (such as mistranslations).

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Bilingual linguistic revisions are part of quality assurance. As already mentioned, the original and translated texts are compared. The translated text is then revised. This effort aims to produce the best possible text for publication or for delivery to the original client.

It is also possible for translation agencies to use quality assurance to assess the work of potential or existing vendors. They receive my detailed feedback, along with a numerical result to indicate whether they passed (usually 3 errors per 1000 words) or failed.

I only work on texts that are already in good enough shape as quality heavily impacts the effort needed to correct them. When it comes to poor quality translations, it is often easier to start from scratch than to fix them.

Only hourly billing is available for this service. If the text is not good enough, I can:

Paper on pad

Return it to you
and cancel the job


During the allotted time, correct only the most pressing issues (without taking responsibility for the final product)

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Perform a full, in-depth revision that will require more time than originally anticipated (the price will increase accordingly)

Please contact me if you would like more information about my linguistic revision and quality assurance services.

We recently worked with Ivan on a challenging website testing project. He was very communicative, consistently providing clear updates and valuable insights to the team. Ivan showed a deep understanding of both software testing principles and the target language. What’s more, his meticulous compliance with instructions and insightful queries significantly contributed to the project success.

Acclaro, United States

Since 2015, Ivan has provided us with Croatian linguistic review services on one of our key accounts. His expertise and professionalism have been crucial for our success. Ivan has consistently delivered high-quality work, always meeting deadlines and exceeding project expectations. We highly value his dedication and are excited to continue our collaboration.

Vistatec, Ireland

We have been working with Ivan on a regular basis since 2021, and he has tackled each assignment with the utmost dedication, diligence, professionalism, and accuracy. We look forward to continuing our collaboration!

Intertranslations, Greece

We have been collaborating with Mr Ivan Fosin for a number of years now, and during that time he has proven to be a valuable addition to our team. He not only provides high quality translation and revision services but also dispenses advice and readily contributes to our linguistic discussions in order to create the best final product. His punctuality and reliability have been excellent, and we are looking forward to working with him in the future.

Stentor, Croatia