Story time …

Once upon a time – in fact only a few years ago – there was a grandpa named Ralf. He lived with his three granddaughters, whom he loved dearly.

The grandpa was a man from the village who led a simple life. Besides long walks in nature, he enjoyed fishing, gardening, and working around the house.

But his granddaughters Molly, Dolly, and Holly were nothing like him.

Molly liked exploring fashion, Dolly liked reading books, and Holly liked watching TikTok videos.

Even though they were the apple of Ralf’s eye, he didn’t quite get them.

One day, Ralf’s distant relative visited him and unexpectedly rid him of his heartache:

“The girls don’t like my interests, my advice, my jokes. They loathe me even more for smoking my pipe,” Ralf said, then sighed.

“Have you ever tried taking an interest in what they like?” asked the cousin.

This question embarrassed Ralf. He thought about the remark for days.

Then he tried something entirely different.

Ralf gathered his courage and walked into Molly’s room.

“Hi, Molly! You love fashion, I know that. That’s why I’d like you to have this white pearl necklace – the only valuable left from my mum.”

Molly’s eyes lit up when she saw this eye-catching piece of jewellery.

He then headed to Dolly’s room.

“Hi, Dolly! I’m not a well-read or educated man. But I did read some classics in school, many years ago. What’s your favourite kind of literature?”

“Well, I love Dostoevsky,” she replied. Now, he knew she loved Russian writers.

Finally, he walked into Holly’s room.

“Hi, Holly! What are you watching on your phone? Can you show me?”

Holly flashed her mobile screen at Ralf.

“Oh, I had no idea that people put cute animals up there. This one looks just like my old dog, Ollie …”

A spark of joy returned to the whole family after a long time.

But Grandpa could not have imagined in his wildest dreams what was about to happen the next morning.

Molly, Dolly, and Holly waited for him by the door, all dressed in casual hiking gear, ready for an adventure.

“Come on, Grandpa, hurry up! We want you to teach us how to fish.”

Ralf grabbed his fishing rod and they walked towards a nearby river.

Grandpa told them stories of his fishing trips with his friends and of how he was able to travel all over the country.

When the sun was about to set, the sisters realised they had lost track of time – and of how many fish they had caught.

That day, Grandpa taught them how to fish. But more importantly, through his actions that week, he taught them how to connect.

Copywriting aims to connect with your readers.

Just like Grandpa did with his granddaughters.

But he had to work for it. With three people who are uniquely different.

Your readers are unique, too. And they’re also different from your friend Joe’s clientele. So copying others is a complete waste of time.

Let’s instead meet your clients. What are their needs, wants, fears, or hopes?

Only by taking a genuine interest can you build strong relationships and keep people coming back for more.

My user-centric copy is one of the most powerful tools I have to:

✓ Entice interest
✓ Emotionally engage your audience
✓ Gain their trust and make them fall in love with you
✓ Motivate them to act quickly

In return, you’ll soon be able to:

✓ Improve traffic to your site, gain more impressions of your ads …
✓ Get more enquiries
✓ Build authority
✓ Boost sales and become more successful

Would you like that? You can count on me, then.

I’ll write copy that’s relevant, compelling, clear, and effective for YOUR audience.

Please note that my focus is on content marketing and web content.

But whatever you need, get in touch to discuss further!